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SIP Certified markAbout SIP Certified

Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified helps farmers and winemakers demonstrate their dedication to preserving and protecting natural and human resources. SIP Certified is a rigorous sustainable vineyard and winery certification with strict, non-negotiable requirements, committed to standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest.

The program’s award-winning rigor and integrity have earned it the reputation of being the gold standard for sustainable certification. That is why certified winegrowers can offer you great wines you can trust are made in a way that protects the people and the planet.

20 Years of Work in Sustainable Farming

SIP Certified evolved from the innovative programs of the Vineyard Team, a local non-profit dedicated to sustainability since 1994.

In 1996, the Vineyard Team (developers of SIP Certified) pioneered the award-winning Positive Points System (PPS) – the first self-assessment for vineyards utilizing a whole farm, integrated approach to vineyard management. Since its inception, over 1,000 evaluations representing 60,000 acres were collected. The PPS helped educate and guide hundreds of growers towards adopting practices that protect both human and natural resources.

This framework was used by notable organizations to develop self-assessments for other agricultural industries and received national recognition from government and environmental groups.

In 2002, industry leaders discussed the possible shift from self-assessment to third-party certification that would be meaningful, measurable, and verifiable. In 2003, technical stakeholders began developing the Standards.

It took four years to develop the Standards and over 50 environmental, regulatory, and academic representatives independently reviewed our work.

Drink Sustainably – Ask For SIP Certified

The SIP Certified seal authenticates that the winegrower has passed our rigorous certification process to make sustainable wines. Find your next sip online. Drink sustainably – ask for SIP Certified.

Not SIP Certified Yet?

Sustainable wines are in high demand and your customers are looking for the certification marks that give independent verification of related claims.

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