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Certification creates more product value.

The price you receive for your crop is determined by its quality, quantity, certification, and the story behind it all.  With Seasonally Fresh, we help you bring more visibility to your certifications and spotlight what makes your farm unique. We help you find new opportunities by connecting you to buyers looking for sustainable growers.

Who is Seasonally Fresh for?

Our focus is on certified growers. You've made an investment in your certification. You believe in sustainability. Shouldn't you reap the rewards of your commitment?  We've partnered with dozens of certifiers to help you do just that.

Why join Seasonally Fresh?

We have information on thousands of buyers looking for sustainably grown, certified crops. Neighborhood grocers, great chefs from restaurants across the U.S., and food manufacturers are all looking for your certified products.  If you have unique crops with specialized flavor profiles, even better.  Let us help you find new market channels and better profitability.

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