Storytelling at World Ag Expo

The World Ag Expo runs in Tulare, CA from February 12th through Valentine’s Day. What better time to tell the story of your farm or agricultural company and engage clients and consumers throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Fresh provides information and marketplace access to over 87,000 buyers and producers in the fastgrowing, health-conscious, certified food sector. Through their Facebook Live broadcast of Seasonally Fresh Live, they are starting to bring the stories of how our food is produced to audiences throughout the country.

Forbes listed storytelling as an essential content marketing strategy in 2018, listing three essential reasons to use stories about your business to increase your value:

  • Storytelling enables marketers to develop a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Storytelling can be a powerful tool that enables marketers to understand what is going on in the marketplace…
  • Storytelling can be an important tactical tool that lets marketers engage consumers in a fragmented media world.

                 – Kimberly A Whittler, Forbes Jul 14, 2018,

Attendees of the World Ag Expo are encouraged to stop by the Seasonally Fresh booth (1016) in Pavilion A to share the story of their farm or agricultural company. Since the World Ag Expo is held over Valentine’s Day this year, stories of couples and homecomings are especially encouraged.

Special Show Opportunity (1): Stories of couples who have started or run family farms, overcome adversity, or who are growing specialized crops will be interviewed as time allows on Seasonally Fresh Live in booth 1016.

Special Show Opportunity (2): By stopping by their booth (1016) at the World Ag Expo (February 11-14), farmers and buyers can apply to receive a free one-year membership. (Activation must take place at the show or shortly thereafter to qualify. Members from affiliated certifying partners will be given onboarding preference. See: for a list of certification partners.)