Apple Hill Farm - Chuck Souther

Apple Hill Farm – Chuck Souther

The New England Apple

The following video is a marvelous look at the many unique varieties of apples that are grown in the New England Area. Local expert, Chuck Souther of Apple Hill Farm and a couple of his friends, describe each of the selected apple varieties and discusses what makes each one unique. You’ll find out which apples are best for eating, baking, or in some cases for making cider.

A Few of the More Uncommon Apple Varieties

Among the apple varieties discussed are the Spigold, a historically old variety that is crisp and available in limited quantities, the Pomme Gris a unique variety best used for cider, and the Golden Supreme, which is a new varietal that is now available from Apple Hill Farm and other apple orchards in the New England area.

There are many other apples discussed in this wonderful video, so be sure to take a look at just a few of the many types of apples that you can taste throughout the majority of the year.

The Video: New England Apples – Flavors for Every Meal – Apple Hill Farm