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Must be in business account profile

  1. From the main drop-down select a marketplace listing search for and select a product
  2. When you find a seller you like, select the grocery cart icon to add it to your cart
  3. Input the requested information
  4. Select submit to confirm your purchase request

Terms you may need to know that are used within the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Pick-Up Date The day you would like to retrieve your purchased product.

Available Date The beginning day buyers will be able to purchase and pick up the product

Expiration Date The date the product will no longer be available for purchase on the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace or for pick up at the farm unless terms have already been agreed to. The product will only expire if the quantity of the product remains unsold in the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace. If the entire quantity is sold prior to the expiration date the product will be removed immediately following the remaining quantity being purchased in the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace.

Quantity The amount of this product you would like to purchase from add to the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Units The type of quantity you’re purchasing from the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Partial fills Multiple producers may come together to fill larger orders if one producer cannot meet your request.

Cancelation Policy This is the policy regarding the products transaction cancelation policy while active on the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Frequency The number of times you want this transaction to occur

Additional Comments Any specific communications to clarify and detail your needs regarding the transaction. This could be logistics communication, a request for only imperfect produce, or a specific date or time you would like to acquire your product, etc.

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