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while in business account profile

  1. From the main drop-down select my products
  2. Select the Sell on Marketplace action icon to the right of the product you want to sell
  3. Input the requested information
    1. The description is a great place to add specifics about your products like “the cream of our crop” or “B grade”
  4. Select Submit button to confirm your product’s listing on the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace


Terms associated with the marketplace listing:

Available Date The beginning day your buyers will be able to purchase and pick up the product

Expiration Date The date your product will no longer be available for purchase or pick up on the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace. The product will only expire if the quantity of the product remains unsold in the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace. If the entire quantity is sold prior to the expiration date the product will be removed immediately following the remaining quantity being purchased in the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace.

Quantity The amount of this product you would like to add to the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Units The quantity you’re adding to the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Partial fills Product requests smaller than your desired quantity. If yes, you will be asked at what the minimum amount will be set.

Cancelation Policy This is the policy regarding the products transaction cancelation policy while active on the Seasonally Fresh Marketplace

Additional Comments This is the perfect place to add any unique differentiators about the product, as well as any special details or policies specific to that products Seasonally Fresh Marketplace listing.

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