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The Mission of Fair Trade America

Fairtrade works to make trade more fair. Their standards require sustainable production and farming practices, improved working conditions, better prices and wages for farmers and workers, and more transparent trade practices. Fairtrade prohibits child labor, forced labor, GMOs, and encourages environmentally-friendly production.

About Fair Trade America

The Fairtrade Mark is recognized as the world’s leading ethical and sustainable certification mark. The Fairtrade Standards are a rigorous set of rules established by Fairtrade International with stakeholders from across the system, including farmers, workers, traders, non-government organizations, academics, and National Fairtrade Organizations, like Fairtrade America.

About Fair Trade Certification

More and more consumers and brands are seeking out ethically sourced products. They want to be sure of the legitimacy behind claims and have transparency in sourcing. A trusted third-party certification – like Fairtrade – is an easy way to provide your customers with the assurance they demand.

Whether you want to certify your products or stock your store with Fairtrade goods, we can help you strengthen your supply chain and make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers.

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Get Certified by Fair Trade America Today

  • Fair Trade America markBECOME A LICENSEE – Companies that use the FAIRTRADE Mark make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers. Share your commitment with your customers.
  • BECOME A FAIRTRADE SUPPLIER – If you’re importing and selling products in the US, you may need to register as a Fairtrade trader.
  • STANDARDS AND POLICIES – To be part of the Fairtrade system, all licensees, traders and subcontractors must comply with Fairtrade Standards and policies.