Farmers and landowners—and the land—benefit from good farm leases. A sound, written farm lease doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should have a solid legal foundation and reflect the interests and goals of both parties.

The Land For Good Build-a-Lease Tool will help you develop or improve your farm lease. With this Tool you can:

  • Learn about farm leases
  • Build a working version of a lease agreement that fits your situation or intent
  • Share, review and edit the Tool output with your attorney and the other party

Important to know…

  • This tool was designed with New England farmers and landowners in mind and based on our work with them and other service providers. Some language and clauses might be different in other regions.
  • This is an educational tool. It is not intended to produce a legal document or to replace legal advice from an attorney. You can use this tool to learn about farm leasing without filling in the template. Please review it with an attorney before using it.
  • You can generate lease language to download, email, save and revise. Use this working document in discussions with landowners, farming tenants, and advisors.
  • Be sure to share it with an attorney for review, refinements, and approval.

Read the instructions carefully and note the Tool’s limitations to make the best and most efficient use of it.

The Tool is in its beta version and is undergoing user testing. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or to offer feedback.