1. July is National Blueberry Month.
  2. There are two types of blueberries: highbush and lowbush.
  3. Highbush blueberries are the types you commonly find at grocery stores and farmers markets.
  4. Lowbush blueberries are smaller and sweeter and they are often used for juices, jellies, and jams.
  5. Peak blueberry season in most of the country runs from mid-June to mid-August.
  6. People are eating more than twice the blueberries today than they did in 2007.
  7. Do you want to see blueberries growing?  Head to Maine. Maine is the top producer of wild blueberries in the U.S.
  8. Michigan is the top producer of cultivated blueberries in the U.S.
  9. Don’t wash off the blueberry “dust” until you’re ready to eat them.  That softens the berries and hastens spoilage.
  10. Blueberries are great for diabetics. They have a low glycemic index (they won’t spike your sugar levels) and they are high in antioxidants.